Pugnacious About Raising Funds

How much cute is too much cute? Because we’re officially at the tipping point. It’s the Second Annual Project Pugway Fashion Showwwwww!! (You have to add an echo and exclaim that. It’s a cute mandate.) Project Pugway is a real-life runway show featuring pug fashion in categories such as Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and this year’s bonus — Homemade Outfits. There’s tons of other fun too, like a photo booth for you and your friends (or you and your pooch), a candy bar, a silent auction featuring tickets on Southwest Airlines, a good old-fashioned bake sale, refreshments and more. T-shirts are available, too, and they come in hot pink (if you’re awesome) and black (if you’re awesome but slightly less so). And if you need to make the event feel more official, feel free to wander around telling everyone to “Make it work.” Tickets are $8 and available online at dfwpugs.com, with funds going to DFW Pug Rescue. The show is 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday at DFW Airport Hotel South, 4440 W. Airport Freeway.
Sat., Aug. 4, 11 a.m., 2012
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Allison Perkins

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