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Question The Artist: Illustrator Alex Fine

If you picked up last week's Dallas Observer, you may have noticed a little nod to what many consider to be the best movie of all time. The cover story is on a young Joey Daubin, a self-celebrated wunderkind and aspiring media mogul who's amassing his own empire. Not unlike the title character of Orson Welles' controversial film loosely based on a real-life publishing king with political aims, we drew some metaphorical parallels between Daubin's crusade and that of Mr. Kane. To keep the cover of this profile light-hearted and yet still firm to stand on, we turned to illustrator Alex Fine to conjure our small-town version of "Citizen Joey."

We Question The Artist after the jump. Check out what he has to say on drawing hair, developing a style, and Willie Nelson.

hat are some "non-artistic" sources of inspiration for you, if any?

I really enjoy reading political blogs and sometimes, if things slow down, I will come up with an illustration for fun that draws from a certain topic that I had read about. These turn out to be some of my favorite illustrations because I have total freedom to go in any direction with the concept and the art. It reminds me of when I was younger and I used to draw political cartoons based on what I would hear my parents talking about. I wish I still had those Reagan drawings.

Are there any new/exciting big projects on the horizon for yourself?

I actually just finished a two and a half month project for a beer company in Canada which involved illustrating seven can designs that will be used for a year to promote new potential mascots. I'm also working with AEG Live on a series of prints for select concerts this summer.  Some include Willie Nelson, R. Kelly, and Roger Daltrey.

Lastly, is there a "dream" client/project that you wish to get your hands on someday?

My dream job has always been the cover of Time Magazine. A friend of mine in Baltimore got to illustrate a Time cover a couple of months ago and it gave me hope that it's not totally unattainable.  I also would love to do a music review illustration for Rollingstone. For now though I just enjoy any job where I get to work for good people that help me to put out my best work.

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