Race Stars


Want to humble a bunch of seventh-graders? Well, that's weird, but it's still easy to do. Hand them a camcorder and make them film a five-minute movie in only one week. Their cheers of "That sounds simple" should soon turn to irritated groans as the endless setting up, reshooting and editing will teach them that making crap like Walking Tall requires a lot more effort than it seems. Those who missed film class in middle school can still learn such a cinematic lesson at the upcoming 24 Hour Video Race. This Dallas Video Festival event gives teams only 24 hours (duh) to write, shoot and edit a five-minute flick. And thanks to last-minute surprise instructions, teams don't get a chance to cheat. Even so, potential contestants should check out Saturday's registration event at the Magnolia Lounge in Fair Park, 1121 First Ave., where they can prepare by watching videos from last year's race and assembling a film crew for the May 7 kickoff. Registration starts at $100; call 214-428-8700. --Sam Machkovech

Hey Bidder, Bidder

We know larger-than-life nude portraits make you giggle. It happens from time to time to both serious art critics and those enthusiasts who secretly finger paint with their pudding. We say that good art is supposed to be reactionary. Strap on your black tie or theatrical costume for a gala that swirls with elegant couture and framed history. The Visual Arts Coalition of Dallas celebrates more than 6,500 artists with an inaugural fund-raiser, Artists in Action, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Friday. The evening features Dallas arts celebrities Pat Kerr, Michael David Light, Peter J. Hall and master photographer Peggie Mazziotta. The silent auction of art and artist services followed by a gourmet dinner, fashion show and screening of short documentaries by Joshua Frenk and Jacques Star will be held at CityPlace at North Haskell Avenue and Central Expressway. Additional events for AIA's VIP guests, including an afternoon Tea With Pat and Peggie in the Crescent Hotel Gardens, take place Thursday. Call 214-363-9366.--Danna Berger

Iced, Iced Baby

In Asian cultures, tea is served with ceremony and tradition. In Texas, tea is served with lots of ice and maybe a wedge of lemon. The Crow Collection of Asian Art offers the best of both cultures at Tea in the Courtyard. The collection has hundreds of unique Asian artworks on exhibit; co-sponsors Java and Chai Company freshly brew the iced tea. Tea in the Courtyard takes place at noon Friday in the courtyard of The Crow Collection, 2010 Flora St. Admission is free. In case of inclement weather, tea will be served at the fountain near the Crow Collection entrance. Call 214-979-6430 or visit www.crowcollection.com. --Stephanie Durham

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