Rack 'Em Up

The seventh annual 9-Ball Billiard Tournament at Hawley's Billiards continues Sunday (from Pugsley's Library the day before), and with it comes a renewed resolve in my life. This resolve is a two-headed hydra bent simultaneously on the annihilation of anyone foolish or unfortunate enough to oppose me in a matchup, and on the financial furthering of the Genesis Women's Shelter (the haven for battered women the tourney benefits). It is true that I wield my pool stick like Thor's hammer, and the cue ball of Damocles is just my means to your end, but that's not to say I'm not akin to a conquering hero of generosity as well. I invite you to participate and help out with the good cause--professional player Allison "The Duchess of Doom" Fisher will be in action as well--but realize that defeat is inevitable. It does build character, though, so you should really thank me for the spanking. Just so you know. Hawley's Billiards is at 5623 Alpha Road. Call 972-239-4846. --Matt Hursh

Frog Power
TCU challenges Navy

What's better than football? Nothing, I tell you. Nothing. Football is the only sport in which two lines of sweaty, padded, hulking men with really tight pants line up opposite each other on a grandiose battlefield of Astroturf and commence an epic contest of strength, honor and fortitude. And you get to watch them hit each other really, really hard. Football gives the Budweiser-guzzling, Frito-dipping, recliner-lounging populous something to do with their weekend afternoons that not only provides entertainment but also assuages the old blood lust. So if you are feeling the need to soothe your brutal, gladiatorial urges, come watch the 25th-ranked Texas Christian University Bullfrogs take on Navy in a display of testosterone-laden manliness Saturday at 6 p.m. at Amon Carter Stadium, 2800 Stadium Drive, Fort Worth. Tickets are $15, and season tickets are still available. Call 817-257-7967. --Mary Monigold

Field Day

Ever wonder what it would be like to see the field at The Ballpark in Arlington from the dugout? Ever want to stand at the top of the steps of said dugout and wave, just as the players do? Well, you get to do all of this and more when you take one of the tours that are offered daily at The Ballpark. As well as seeing things from the perspective of a player, you also get to experience the air-conditioned comfort of the press box and lounge around in the luxurious owner's suite. The 50-minute tour starts in the museum lobby every hour until 4 p.m., rain or shine. Tour tickets are available online or in the museum lobby. The Ballpark is located at 1000 Ballpark Way in Arlington. Tickets are $6 to $10. Call 817-273-5098. --David Wilson

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