Ramsey 101

Is there something you love doing as a hobby? Would you like to do it on national television, in competition form, to be judged by professionals and generally be used and abused for all to see? Would you like your full human personality to be whittled down via a cutthroat editing process into your absolute worst moments, and would you like everyone you've ever known--and many, many more people you've never known--to judge you solely based on these chosen attributes? More importantly, do you want to be harassed and belittled by infamous (but slightly better behaved since you're not pros) Michelin-starred chef Gordon Ramsay?! YES? IS THE ANSWER YES? Then we sure hope your chosen hobby is cooking (and not, say, heart surgery--though that would make for a fairly interesting competition reality show) because Ramsay's new show, Masterchef, is steaming through Dallas looking for a pot of new competitors. Fired up about being thrown into the wok with a bunch of masochistic foodies and stir-fried until you're ready to chop up the next 'taterhead who crosses you? The show focuses on actual cooking rather than kitchen-running skills--so if Ramsay says you suck, it's because of your awful food, not your bad people skills. That's a plus. Auditions are this Sunday, January 10, at Sur La Table, 4527 Travis St. from noon to 5 p.m. E-mail [email protected] and include your name, age, current photo, occupation, contact number and brief info concerning your cooking experience and style. Visit fox.com/casting.htm or 3ballproductions.com/masterchef.html.
Sun., Jan. 10, 12-5 p.m., 2010
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Andrea Grimes
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