Razzle Dazzle Dallas Brings Taylor Dayne, Jager and a Street Party

Dispatch from Cedar Springs, where one community organizer is setting up a red-hot first week of June. Razzle Dazzle Dallas is a volunteer organization with a mission to better the LGBT in any and every way imaginable, and RDD is gearing up for its second annual June Pride extravaganza. Razzle Dazzle Days begin on June 6 with a Wine and Dog walk, and slide through a blurry Thursday with the Jagermeister Oak Lawn Pub Crawl, replete with a free shuttle bus DD. Friday brings you the Metro Ball - a major AIDS fundraiser at S4 - and on Saturday the party rocks all day, beginning at 9:00 a.m. and culminating with a free "Back to the 80s" street festival in the evening and a "sploosh ball tournament" that afternoon. Pack your glitter paint and rainbow tutus, bitchez. This shit cray.

With last year's goal met, we hear planners have added "even more dazzle," to help LGBT initiatives including, but not limited to, "the battle against AIDS and HIV infection, community relations, beautification, education and wellness" While events kick off on Wednesday and run through Saturday, party-lovers are encouraged to purchase VIP Passports and Raffle Tickets now.

Don't miss a beat - check out the full event schedule.

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