Reading Assignment #2: Through Part 6 of In the Garden of Beasts

After our inaugural MOBC meeting, or, rather live discussion in the comments, we looked back and felt pretty good.

Unlike the vets over on Unfair Park, we were all fairly new to the live commenting scene, but once it began, the discussion was a flurry of replies, liked comments, expanded thoughts, questions to the group and fresh takes all around. We even got an f-bomb or two into the mix thanks to a certain A&C staffer.

Suffice to say, we had a fast-paced conversation about the first two parts of Erik Larson's most recent book. After the jump, check out some of the "typing points" of the meeting and get your next assignment.

Larson provided no shortage of conversation. We anticipated a 30-minute dialogue, but spent well over an hour sharing our feelings on:

  • the not-so-vague anti-Semitic sentiment in the US during Hitler's early rise
  • the disposition of the main figure, William E. Dodd, thus far
  • bizarre pop culture references that we've never before considered in relation to Nazism
  • the sexcapades of Martha Dodd and Carl Sandburg
  • how Larson's work reads like fiction, thereby making it more impactful

After a few comments regarding how quickly one can tear through In the Garden of Beasts, we decided on a healthier reading assignment for next time. So, by Friday, July 29, at approximately 3:30 p.m., we ask you to read through Part 6: Berlin At Dusk.

If you haven't yet started the book, that is, seriously, more than enough time to catch up, read six parts and participate with us.

With those sections out of the way, we'll have but two more to read for the following "meeting" and, as MOBC-er Jesse suggested, be able to enjoy more than one book this summer. Such an ambitious bookworm, that Hophead.

Please be thinking of suggestions for the next MOBC selection and feel free to tweet them at us or leave them in the comments of any MOBC post.

Given the subject matter, we wish you enlightened -- as opposed to happy -- reading.

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