Reading Rainbow

Book fairs used to be an all-important matter in schools, a day when the library would mysteriously shut down and re-open with rows of Beverly Cleary books for sale to excited third-graders. It was a powerful sort of affair—elementary school-wise—unifying all manner of readers, from the kids that read the Newbery Medal winners to the ones who thrived on the choose-your-own-adventure series. It's no surprise, then, that a book fair could be a community event, bringing together those with disparate tastes in literature to celebrate their common culture and love of reading. The Tulisoma South Dallas Book Fair and Arts Festival promises to be just such an event, bringing together South Dallas community members to highlight shared literacy and culture. Books for readers of all ages and genres will be available Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and many of the featured authors will be on hand for panel discussions, signings and more. Kids will have the opportunity to attend creative writing workshops and arts and crafts events, and live music will be ongoing throughout the weekend. There are also several events offsite, including a political discussion with NPR correspondent Juan Williams on Saturday and a gospel brunch with Victoria Christopher Murray on Sunday. Offsite events require registration in advance. All other events will be at the African-American Museum, 3536 Grand Ave. at Fair Park. Visit for more information.
Aug. 24-26
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Jennifer Elaine-Davis