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Reality Show The Quest Is in Search of Dallas' Tolkien Nerd

Thought all subcultures were already tapped for reality television? Guess again. A new program is gaining momentum and intends to fill its cast with our favorite obsessives, The Nerds of Earth.

The Quest has been described by its creator as "Amazing Race in Middle-Earth" and takes its potential crew on a mission to "follow their dreams."

Those selected should be somewhat obsessive, though the focus of their gaze can range the rough terrain of geekly pursuits, from Dungeons and Dragons, LARPing and Tolkien to Game of Thrones and other genre fascinations.

In order to piggyback off Comic Con's momentum, there will be a Dallas casting call this Friday from 8 to 10 p.m. at Barcadia, which should be hilarious, given the collegey, booty-bump crowd that fills in the venue on weekend nights.

Quest's casting management says that a good candidate will present themselves as a competitive spirit, you know -- someone fully committed to winning. Whether that means slaying a few orcs to be deemed a hero or resorting to sneaky tactics -- they want to see a drive. So don't be afraid to let out your inner Gollum.

Currently The Quest isn't linked with a specific network affiliate, but Profiles Television is behind its early stage development. They've got a Lord of the Rings executive producer on board and the creative minds of Amazing Race, so if it all shakes out, you'll see a larger-than-life celebration of sci-fi and fantasy arrive on your dial soon.

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Jamie Laughlin
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