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Reese Witherspoon Attached, Sort of, to Pilot to Be Filmed in Dallas

It’s the classic story of mean divorce attorney meets her estranged, love-addicted sister and they figure out life together. Or something.

Listen, we don’t know. All we know is Meaghan Oppenheimer, who wrote We Are Your Friends — you know that movie because it starred Zac Efron and was directed by the guy from MTV’s Catfish and it did awful at the box office — wrote the pilot that follows the personal and professional life of a Dallas divorce attorney.

The good news is the pilot will be shot in Dallas. This is good news if you’re a fan of crowds and traffic and a little bit of media exposure for our great city. The bad news is Reese Witherspoon is one of the executive producers of the show, which is actually good news, except she is not starring in it, which is bad. That means our hope that said divorce attorney was really just Elle Woods from Legally Blonde all grown up has been dashed. So really, what’s even the point.

We guess the point is Dallas is getting its own show — sort of, and hopefully it won’t feature the attorney doing things on horses (whatever you do on a horse) or a bunch of catfights between wealthy housewives. Hell, what do we know? All of that might happen.

“The city of Dallas is very excited to have once again secured filming of a television pilot set in our city,” city of Dallas Director of Economic Development Karl Zavitkovsky says in a prepared statement. “Given the competitive nature of the industry, we are pleased that we could assist in making Dallas not only the obvious location choice, but a good choice for the bottom line, too.”

The cast has not been announced, the project is untitled, and there is no word on when filming will take place.
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