Rhythm in Fusion Festival Taps into Dallas this Weekend

In her early 20s, at the beginning of her career as a professional dancer, Katelyn Harris thought she knew everything there is to know about tap dance. Then she started attending festivals. Part dance workshops and part performances, these weekend long events aren't just places to work with some of the dance form's most talented performers, but also a place to see what's new on the scene. Believe it or not, tap dance isn't just the stuff of Gene Kelly Broadway musicals.

So when Harris started Rhythmic Souls, the professional tap dance company she runs with her sister, Jackie, she knew she'd eventually want to incorporate a festival so that she could share that festival experience with young dancers. "I wanted to give them a place to see what's happening around the country, but for our festival we were interested in the other dance forms that can fuse with tap," says Harris. That's why you'll also see workshops in clogging and body percussion on the Rhythm in Fusion Festival schedule this weekend, alongside tap classes taught by the likes of Chloe Arnold and C.K. Edwards.

The events, which take place from Friday through Monday, all happen throughout the Majestic Theatre and are taught by a variety of local and international teachers. Want to know how Home by Hovercraft's Abbey Magill makes music by clogging alongside the rest of the band? Pop into her Irish Step Dance class at 9 a.m. Monday. All the beginner friendly classes will take place Monday. If you're a bit more advanced, the array of classes on Saturday and Sunday are for you. The class fees are $35 each, or $350 for a weekend pass.

All of this culminates with a performance from all the workshop teachers at the MainStage show, In Good Time, 8 p.m. Sunday, which is the thing Harris says you can't miss. "It's going to be such a good time," she says. "I can't believe it's here, and I can't wait to meet everyone who comes out."

For tickets, weekend passes, a full schedule or more information, visit

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