Ride The Dragon, Don't Fight It

It’s taught to us early on that certain literary conflict themes are cornerstones of drama: Man vs. Self is a classic, as is Man vs. Nature. Nowhere in that lesson do we study Man vs. Time, but come gallery night we all wish we had. You’ve got roughly three hours to absorb as much available art (and yes, drinks) tonight as is humanly possible, so don’t dally. There’s entirely too much to see. You’re going to want to start with a place that’s slightly removed and never disappoints: Galleri Urbane (2277 Monitor St.). Go early and meet artist Jessica Drenk from 4 to 7 p.m. She makes gorgeous sculptures summoned from natural sources, like lathed wooden ribbons, and you could get quite lost in them. She leans towards the infinite and repeating themes exist within her nature-based muses, and her show’s title “Aggregates: Ordinary Objects, Unusual Sculptures” is an undersell. These sculptures shift quickly from unusual to visually addictive. Next head to Conduit (1626 Hi Line C) to find a threesome that you’ll want to join, with work by sleep researcher and photographer Susan Kae Grant; the extremely exciting worlds of Mimi Kato (seriously, you’ll wish you could move into a two-dimensional image); and a show in the project space by Kris Pierce called “Boss Of The Internet.” There’s more, guys. Lots more. Visit our arts and culture blog, Mixmaster, for the full, show-by-show rundown. There, I’ll tell you how to tackle Dragon Street in three hours. (Hint: comfy shoes.) Visit www.dallasobserver.com/mixmaster.
Sat., Sept. 8, 2012
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Jamie Laughlin
Contact: Jamie Laughlin