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Robot Roll Call: MST3K Creator Joel Hodgson is Coming to Texas Theatre.

You know the back of his head better than the front. That's because Joel Hodgson is the human creator of Mystery Science Theater 3000. For six years he served as camp cinema's whistleblower, pelting verbal tomatoes at sacrificial B and C genre films with assists by snarky robot sidekicks.

Now Hodgson's career sprawls through creative experiments with science, art, film and fiction -- he's even taught a college course on the art of film parody. His most recent endeavor is a one-man show titled "Riffing Myself" where he unlatches the MST3K compression chamber to present photos, videos, anecdotes and documents from the intergalactic vaults. He's bringing the gig to Texas Theatre on January 19, and it's unfolding to become the nerdliest double feature you'll see in 2013.

Here's the breakdown: At 5 p.m., Joel will introduce and screen the MST3K episode The Pod People. Following is a VIP meet-and-greet photo and autograph session with Hodgson for his most dedicated and pasty-skinned fans. At 7:30, the spotlight shines back on Joel as he pop culture bombs the crowd with "Riffing Myself." Tickets can be purchased for any combination of the night's events here, and only 100 are available for the meet and greet.

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Jamie Laughlin
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