Rock the Top

Ah, the circus. What little boy hasn't dreamed of running away and joining the circus? Besides virtually every other boy born in America since 1913, we mean. Nevertheless, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey keeps chugging along, a cultural artifact kept alive by fans--parents mostly, one presumes--indifferent to the fact that given a choice between a new videogame and a trip with the fam to the circus, most 21st century kids would take the game. But circus folk are flexible—heh, heh—and Ringling Bros. is bringing a new show to American Airlines Center beginning Wednesday, August 1, and lasting two weeks. "Circus of Dreams" promises the biggest changes to the circus in 50 years, they promise, bringing the circus "to the iPod generation." We checked out a video montage of the circus online at, and we're not sure exactly what that means, other than the show is hosted by former American Idol finalist Jennifer Fuentes (bringing extra depths of irony to the name "Circus of Dreams"). Ringling Bros. says that for the first time, they'll introduce a "fun-filled storyline to the circus experience." Not sure what the story is, exactly, but apparently it involved a guy getting shot with a cannon, clowns, pie fights and lots of elephant poop. Must be an updated version of All the President's Men. Tickets cost $15 to $85 and are available online at or by calling Ticketmaster at 214-373-8000.
Aug. 1-12
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