Roller Ghoster

There's more to fear at Six Flags

For some people, Six Flags Over Texas is scary enough without the Halloween spider webs and masked men. Even brave writers at the Dallas Observer have been known to imitate a car alarm when shrieking through wimpy rides such as the Judge Roy Scream, and that means those brave writers (er, writer) will probably steer clear of Fright Fest, which takes place every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in October. The rest of the roller coaster-loving universe, however, will probably enjoy one last shot at Six Flags' rides before winter closure, and Fright Fest's Halloween-themed spooks are an added bonus, including sword-swallowing freak shows, mystery theater productions, haunted house-esque attractions and live bands dressed in silly costumes. Also, the employees dressed as Looney Tunes characters will sport Halloween attire, which means your kids will have yet another reason to knock them over. Call 817-640-8900. --Sam Machkovech

River Runs Through It

Tired of that monotonous annual Texas-OU routine? Sitting alone on your couch, gently sobbing into your freshly opened package of Cool Ranch Doritos as the University of Oklahoma's offensive line methodically makes its way down the Cotton Bowl's freshly cut lawn like an Evil Maroon Tidal Wave of Death? Then come to Texas-OU Weekend in the West End on October 8 and October 9 from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. each day where at least the suffering is communal and, potentially, therapeutic. Also, there will be interactive sports and games, memorabilia shops, live music, sports stars, autograph sessions and more. Call 214-741-7185. For those interested in the actual Red River Classic football game, kickoff for Texas-OU is at 11 a.m. October 9 at the Cotton Bowl in Fair Park. Visit --Mary Monigold


We don't know much about marketing, but we couldn't help but wonder: If you're putting together a family-friendly group bike ride, do you really want to tell the world that the route is called "the infamous Heartbreak Hill"? The folks at the Glen Rose Back Roads Bicycle Tour are bragging about that fact in their promo material for Saturday's ride, which features courses from six to 80 miles. (The 45-, 60- and 80-mile routes include the hill, which has a groin-bustin' 18 percent grade.) Proceeds from the $20 registration benefit the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center and its programs for threatened species, which we hope won't include any of the riders. The ride begins Saturday at Glen Rose High School, off Highway 67 just south of downtown Glen Rose. Water and snacks will be provided. Bring your own oxygen. Visit --Patrick Williams

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