Royse City's Nicole Bass Represents for North Texas on Redneck Island

There is a difference between being a redneck and being white trash.

So when CMT's fourth season of Redneck Island airs Thursday, make sure you're fully aware of the difference.

After filling out an application she found on her Facebook newsfeed, Royse City native and former Hooters bartender Nicole Bass was selected to compete with 23 other rednecks on the show for a grand prize of $100,000.

The premise of the show is basically what you think it is -- a bunch of rednecks on an island doing redneck things. Think Here Comes Honey Boo Boo meets Survivor meets Buck Wild (remember that MTV show? No?).

"This season is season four and it's not completely different than the previous three seasons, but it's a lot different," Bass says. "That's why they're referring to Redneck Island season four as the all-new Redneck Island. But the basis of the show is they put everyone together and give you competitions, and you go through the competition trying to stay to win the $100,000."

Season four is mainly different because, as Bass explains it -- well actually, let's let her explain it.

"Compared to the previous seasons -- how should I word this -- they had a lot of people that real-life people could relate to," she says. "This season we had a Playboy model, a Maxim model, we had an artist, a musician. We had a lot of almost B-list celebrities on the show this season. The other half of us were just from small towns."

"Redneck is like a lifestyle. It is how you live. It's not how you dress, and that's something a lot of us wanted to prove. Like, just because some of us girls like to get our hair and nails done doesn't mean I can't outshoot the guy, or out-hunt someone or out-fish someone."

But what about out-drink? Bass said there was unlimited alcohol for the contestants, so, you know, people possibly got out of hand. But at the request of her father, Bass tried not to make a fool of herself on national television.

"For the most part, I was pretty calm and pretty tamed," she says. "We did have unlimited alcohol. There was lots of alcohol involved in it and you know how people get when they get drunk, but for the most part it was a really good time. There were some people who got really wild and crazy. I got crazy sometimes and wild sometimes, but nothing to the extent of letting my dad down."

Since shooting wrapped in September, Bass has lived in Nashville, but she plans to move back to Texas. She says she might return to bartending for some fast cash or continue doing accounting work. Does that mean we can assume she wasn't the winner of the $100,000 prize? Or did she already blow it on guns and fishing poles and other redneck necessities? Tune in 9 p.m. Thursday on CMT to find out.

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