I'm pretty sure every single white chick in my freshman class had heard the soundtrack to Les Misérables at least 50 times by the time they got to high school choir class. I, on the other hand, mostly listened to Weezer. And while my teenage hormones made it abundantly clear that I was exclusively interested in females, I have to admit there was a moment there, while singing "Castle on a Cloud" with the rest of my choirmates, that I (and probably others) had to question that. What the hell was this crap? The girls corrected my pronunciation of the musical's title and told me we were singing about the French Revolution, but "I Dreamed a Dream" and "Do You Hear the People Sing" never really spelled "revolution" to me (If I were gonna dress in rags and wave a big red flag, I'd probably go with "Sympathy for the Devil," or at least some Springsteen). But if you're into such things, then by all means check out Les Misérables (in its farewell tour) at the Music Hall in Fair Park starting 8 p.m. Wednesday and running Wednesdays through Sundays till July 2. Tickets are $16 to $69. Call 214-631-ARTS or visit ticketmaster.com.
June 21-July 2
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