Salute The Hat

Let's forget for a moment about the potentially awful offensive line this season, the missed opportunities throughout the past few years, and the entire latter half of the 1990s. The Dallas Cowboys may not be the best team in the country, but to NFL fans everywhere, they're the football paradigm; a storied organization that means something to people in a way that, say, the Miami Dolphins never will. Much of that is due to the hard work of one man, Tom Landry, whose fedora-topped silhouette is one of the most enduring symbols in sports today. Landry's innovative coaching techniques and ability to inspire his players made the Dallas Cowboys the proud owners of the longest winning streak in NFL history without the need for flashy stadiums or celebrity culture. Remembering Tom Landry: The Personal Collection, curated by the Dallas Historical Society, takes us back to a time before facelifts, Kardashians, and inane offensive line penalties and gives us a glimpse of some of Landry's personal effects, including that legendary hat. The class act's family has provided photographs, trophies and other mementos from Landry's life that will help us remember the man who made America's Team a legend that will endure no matter how this season goes. The exhibit runs during the State Fair through October 17 in the Hall of State located in Fair Park, 3939 Grand Ave. Admission is free with your State Fair ticket.
Sept. 24-Oct. 17, 2010
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Jennifer Davis-Lamm