Same Ol' Song And Dance

I'm just going to go ahead and throw this out there--I'm a geek. A big one. I jump up and down every time I receive my National Geographic magazine, I do cartwheels when Shark Week premieres on the Discovery Channel and sometimes I break out with the Urkel Dance when I watch Animal Planet. Now the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History has stolen my nerdy heart by showing the film Animalopolis. The 30-minute documentary is about 13 different wild animals doing their day-to-day thing. It shows everything from yodeling rhinos to singing lions, waltzing bears and praying otters...OK, maybe not the usual routine you would witness animals doing in nature. The award-winning director, Tim Huntley, decided to give a Seussian-styled theme (That would be Dr.Seuss, yo) to the movie that makes it more motivational and enjoyable than educational. Don't be fooled by the entertaining animals and think this film is only for children though, because it's not. The brains behind Animalopolis wanted to create something for everyone to enjoy. You have until this summer to checkout Animalopolis at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History's Omni Theatre, 1600 Gendy St. For showtimes and tickets, call 817-255-9540 or visit
Starts: Jan. 18. Daily, 2010
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Sarah Johnson
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