Santa Errywhere

You just don’t see 200 slutty Santas doing shots and hopping DART every day. Just once or twice a year, thanks to start-up fun-makers Santa Rampage. The bar tour has become more than a drunken Dallas tradition, it’s an excuse to go jingle balls-out with the old hot-glue gun to make an elf suit worthy of the evening. Military Santa? Been done. How about hooker Rudolph? Taken. Yep, it’s getting tough to rise to the top at Santa Rampage, and that’s OK. Just do shots until you feel better about your janky ensemble. There’s stuff you should know if you’re going to join the merry thonged throngs, like be nice to cops and bartenders, bring cash for your drinks and keep an eye on the Twitter account, because Santa really gets around. Visit for the lowdown, bus routes and sneak attacks. And if you have little gifts to hand out, all the better. Schnapps and condoms work great. It’s free.
Sat., Dec. 14, 2013
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Jamie Laughlin
Contact: Jamie Laughlin