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Sarah Colonna Takes Over The Addison Improv's Stage This Weekend. Hide The Tequila.

If the cast of Chelsea Lately were to burn their bras, it would not be an act of defiance so much as a drunken scheme, and it certainly wouldn't take place at a political forum. If Sarah, Whitney, Heather and Chelsea spark up their boulder holders it's in order to A.) make a Molotov cocktail or B.) to set off a smoke alarm and escape a clingy one-night stand, and that is why we adore them. This estrogen-rich clubhouse has spun-off to After Chelsea, the late-night "reality" sketch series. Whitney Cummings has also struck Goldschlager with her new, self-titled series, and Chelsea plays her own older sister in the sitcom based on her book Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea. These gals are taking over, and it's about time.

Sarah Colonna could be the next bruiser from the pack to scamper down the dial. A hard-touring comic and regular of both Chelsea shows on E!, Sarah released her first book this month, Life as I Blow It. The read is a sort of training manual for the unconventional girl. In it Sarah doles out personal experiences, like that time she just wanted a peaceful evening in but wound up roaming Mexico, handing out her phone number to anyone who called her "Pretty." Yep. We've all been there.

Her stand-up follows a similar structure by touching on themes of aging, partying and what it means to be a grown woman. You'll hear her meditations on birth control, vibrators and the importance of keeping a fully stocked liquor cabinet tonight, and all weekend long, when Sarah Colonna commandeers the stage of Addison Improv. Tickets range from $15 to $17 during this four-night stint, and you can get them


. The Addison Improv is located at 4980 Beltline Road.

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