Saturday's Girl Show Brings LED Graffiti, Chocolate Painting and Prodigies

ArtLoveMagic's longest running exhibtion, Girl Show, unlatches its boudoir doors this Saturday, October 20. It's grown so much in five years that the all-female populated and operated art and music festival has had to plant a sloppy farewell kiss on Life in Deep Ellum, and return to the larger venue where the show originated, South Side on Lamar.

It's a sentimental experience, revisiting an old space. It triggers reflection. The organizers of Girl Show are not immune to such mental scrapbooking, so they decided this year's theme would be Rewind.

The plan is to bring together favorite artists from past years with the best emerging talent of right now, then honor them through this curated timelapping. All will create work live around that concept by paying tribute to styles and ideas from earlier eras that inspire them. Doing so will require every medium imaginable.

You'll see metal work, by Sally Torres, jewelry by Katherine Olmstead, culinary art by Iris Candelaria who will be both painting and creating with chocolate, video production by Kris Swenson, tech-savy iPad art by Harmony Witte and so much more. There's burlesque, fashion, body painting, singer songwriters, DJs, painters, a rice artist and any other variety of creation that can trigger a sensory response -- you'll find it all at Girl Show.

There might not be a better example of the production's mission being executed than that of mentor-student team Kathryn Petroff and Anastasia Tillman. Kathryn is a Girl Show alum who left Dallas for Colorado, but who will return for a cameo on Saturday. She'll be creating a legacy piece by working live alongside 13-year old Anastasia, who was one of Kathryn's students when she still called Dallas home. Yeah, that's adorable.

Another interesting interactive element comes from Jody Allen, who has rigged up an LED triggered graffiti mechanism. The device is a remote-controlled light attached to a spray paint can, so you can actually create digital graffiti. Allen will be tricking the thing out all night, creating different styles and murals.

Over in the Blue Room (VIP) Katie Hamilton will be creating, destroying and then redesigning through a project called Living Canvas. In it, Hamilton takes a large piece of raw canvas and dresses it up with a mural. (Don't get too attached, the art is temporary.) Then, she'll rip the thing apart and rework it into a wearable piece of fashion.

More than a thousand folks are expected to attend the party, which runs from 8pm to 12 am, but VIP ticket holders can get in at 7pm. A VIP pass is only $30 at the door and general admission are just $15. VIP ticket holders also get a couple of complimentary cocktails. So fellas, if you ever wonder where all of the interesting women are, now you know.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.