Save the Date for a Zombie Attack

You know what wedding photography needs?

More zombies.

How many photos have you seen photos of happy couples standing in front of trees, holding hands by a fake gazebo, gazing dreamily into the future while inexplicably trapped inside a brandy snifter?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Sometimes when wedding portrait photographers try to get creative, things go horribly wrong. You've seen the Awkward Family Photos. You know, stuff like this. And this. And this.

So many ways to look like an idiot.

That's why we send special love and kisses to Amanda Rynda, an LA-based photographer who has gone viral with a series of engagement photos in which things go horribly wrong in all the right ways.

Thank goodness the happy picnicking couple had a shovel and a knife on hand when a zombie came out of the woods and tried to fuck up their romantic picnic/photo shoot. The bride-to-be grit her teeth and wielded the shovel, the groom finished the job neatly with the knife, and they made short work of Mr. Flesh Eating Party Pooper.

All in all, they made a great zombie-killing team, and that always bodes well for a marriage.

Can't wait to see the wedding photos.

Read the story behind the concept and see the entire shoot the way Rynda originally envisioned on her site.

h/t regretsy.

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