Savor This!

My, how Savor Dallas has declined. For example, they charge $135 for the Reserve Tasting at the Nasher, in which wines and spirits are served in Riedel stemware. Riedel crystal? I wouldn't pour my dog's Fiji water into a Riedel bowl if he gnawed my face off. Anything less than Vera Wang is a duel-worthy insult. I'm embarrassed my guesthouse toilet seat is Riedel. But the toilet is where most of these wines belong. Beaulieu Vineyards private reserve Cab? Save it for the rubes at the State Fair. I'm sure it would pair nicely with corn dogs. And the scotches! Tsk, tsk. Bunnahabhain Islay's 12-year-old single malt? Horrid! I wouldn't use it to remove paint from the roof of my mouth. And then there is the charity auction. For a minimum of $10,000, one may bid on a Jack Daniel's distillery tour, which includes a single barrel of Jack Daniel's whiskey and coach airfare for two to Nashville. Jack Daniel's. Nashville. COACH. Why not include NASCAR tickets? To have your sensibilities assaulted at seminars by barmen and sommeliers such as Tony Abou-Ganim and Doug Frost, purchase single-tasting or package tickets for various events Saturday and Sunday in Victory Park and the Arts District at 1-866-277-7920 or
Fri., March 7; Sat., March 8; Sun., March 9, 2008
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Jesse Hughey
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