Savor This

Dallas doesn't exactly have a reputation for being the most low-key, down-to-earth of cities. We are the home of the $30,000-millionaires. Our semi-private clubs (cough, Medici, cough) have both the nerve to mispronounce the actual usage of the family name and advertise themselves on a billboard on Cedar Springs Road. It is a universally accepted rule that you can't, like really can't, drive your Civic to the Hibiscus valet (you get your buddy with the accounting job to drive his "pre-owned" 3 Series). But all of these things make Dallas what it is. We revel in our shallowness. One might even say that we—ahem—savor it. That's what the folks behind this year's Savor Dallas: An International Experience of Wine, Food, Spirits and the Arts want you to do for the low, low price of $575 (if you want the entire savory-Dallasite experience). Savor Dallas includes a "wine stroll" through the Arts District, food at the Latino Cultural Center and the African-American Museum, a limited-attendance "reserve tasting" and poshly named "international grand tasting" as well as wine and cooking seminars. Savor Dallas runs Thursday through Saturday. A complete schedule of events and locations is available at Those poor souls without Dallas-sized pockets can get packages as affordably as $255 a person. Call 1-888-392-7705.
Feb. 16-18
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Andrea Grimes
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