Saxy Time

I'm not sure where it began, really. It could be somewhere in a vast history of working in a retail setting with excessive compilations featuring the song. It could've come from watching late-night compilation infomercials. It might be really bad luck. One thing I do know: It has nothing to do with my ability to retain lyrics to random songs...because Kenny G's "Songbird" has no lyrics. And yet, that damn song has worked its way into my brain, and now I could pretty much sing that godforsaken melody in my sleep. Shame on you and those corkscrew locks, Mr. G. Your soprano sax has haunted me since 1986. Smooth jazz, my ass; it's been a rough road, living with 'Songbird" stuck on mental and retail loop, next to the works of Michael Franks and Astrud Gilberto. But G has some fair tunes, I'm sure, and maybe you'll want to check them out as he pimps his new album Rhythm & Romance and blows his reeds with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra Wednesday and Thursday, October 1 and 2, at the Meyerson Symphony Center, 2301 Flora St. Tickets are $35 to $100. Call 214-692-0203 or visit
Oct. 1-2, 2008
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Merritt Martin
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