School Yourself in the Ways of Sneaky in Sticky Ninja Academy

Welcome to another edition of Geek-Offs, where you'll find the perfect distractions to help you muddle your way through hump day each week.

We love ninjas. Big time. And what's not to love? Those little dudes can do everything - the high flying, shuriken throwing, super sneaky shinobi have been around for several centuries, so in honor of their awesomeness, we're using this week's Geek-Off to enroll lyou in Sticky Ninja Academy.

Just like Hops from a couple of weeks ago, Sticky Ninja Academy is another game that gives you limited control, but you'll quickly learn that click-and-drag does not a cakewalk make. To move your ninja cadet around, click on him and chose his trajectory with the mouse as you point him in every which direction and launch him from one Velcro-like sticky surface to another.

The game's difficulty progress nicely, and as you make your way through all 20 levels you'll encounter bouncy, slippery and breakable surfaces as well as the usual spiky obstacles, indestructible foes and pits of lava that we've come to love in our afternoon entertainment. Use your ninja wiles and hide from the boss as you try to make the grade in this school you won't want to skip.

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