Scoops of Summer

For years, Blue Bell Creamery's slogan was, "We eat all we can and sell the rest." Maybe that's why I can't get their peppermint ice cream year-round; some bigwig on a mint kick is gulping it all down before it even gets to the store. And that's not even counting the guys at the cold storage warehouse who "accidentally" break open cartons of ice cream and popsicles—"Whoops, that one fell out of the package. Can't sell it now…" Thanks, jackasses. Peppermint and naughty stock boys notwithstanding, enough Blue Bell lands on the shelves in 17 states to make it one of the top three best-selling ice creams in the country. Celebrate a century of the delectable, Texas-crafted ice cream at Blue Bell's 100th anniversary party at Dallas Heritage Village, 1515 S. Harwood St., Saturday and Sunday. A touring 18-wheeler features memorabilia and information about the creamery and ice cream production and, of course, complimentary cups of Homemade Vanilla ice cream. The Heritage Village will also offer glimpses of Texas life as it was at the beginning of the 20th century (when the Brenham creamery first began production), including a gunfight re-enactment. Admission is free for the two-day event. Visit
Sat., June 30; Sun., July 1
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Michelle Mathews
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