Scream for America

With Hollywood turning out flops when it comes to the world of horror, thrill seekers and gore fanatics alike have given up hope on producers making a piss-your-pants-flick. Why wait around for a true horror-crazed director, when the West End has the biggest rush for any terror junkie. The Fatal End in the West End, located at 603 Munger Ave., promises blood-gushing excellence during their haunted house tours this weekend. Legend has it that the West End Marketplace has seen its fair share of paranormal encounters. The passage ways underneath this historic landmark present a scene of torture that will make your skin crawl for its own life. Until recently, the public was banned from entering this forbidden scene, but the time has come. From July 1 through Independence Day (yes, that's right) the gates of Hell will break open, well below the fireworks but free from Halloween bandwagoners, so all may feast their eyes upon what lies beyond. Tickets are $20 online, and include free parking. Tickets can also be purchased the day of at the box office. The employees at the Fatal End encourage visitors to check their own personal scare tolerance before entering the building. For more information on how to scream your head off, visit
July 1-4, 2011
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Christina Mlynski