Sea Life Aquarium Celebrates Cephalopods Today. Here are Some Octopus Videos

Morphing and malleable, the octopus has always been a cosmic creature. With the ability to press its gelatinous girth through the tiniest rocky crevice, this cephalopod has inspired terrifying legends retold through film and literature. Its only bone is a puncturing, grinding beak that, when used in tandem with its suction-cup legs and disorienting sprays of ink, make it a fiendish master of deep-sea hunting. Add in that it looks like a camouflaging alien, utilizes tools and can spend short amounts of time on dry land, and you understand why sailors called it the Devilfish. You also get why kids appreciate their splendor.

Sea Life Aquarium in Grapevine presents its new exhibition, "Octopus Garden," today. It opens to the public at 1 p.m. and is designed to clear up some of the inky mystery surrounding these deep sea fascinations. The attraction is loaded with octo-facts such as: All cephalopods have three hearts and blue blood. They can also use their tentacles dextrously to open jars or lift the lid off of their tanks due to their advanced cognitive and memory skills. And that someday they will summon their alien brethren to populate the Earth, so we'd better be really nice to them now (we might have made that last bit up). To tide you over until you make it to Grapevine, here are some octopus videos.

Rule 1: Don't mess with an octopus. Rule 2: When creatures go missing from your aquarium, investigate more quickly.

A surrealist "documentary" from 1928 about a "tree octopus," or

La Pieuvre Des Arbres

Watch as an octopus escapes a jar through a tiny hole.

This long, but weirdly old-timey octopus video from the '30s shows a man in the clutches of a massive cephalopod's tentacles. Probably his own fault for diving in that beekeeper's suit.

Good night.

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