Second Chance: The Chinese Lantern Festival Will Reopen On November 1.

Remember how you swore that you'd get over to the Chinese Lantern Festival during the fair, but then got sidetracked by fried foods, Kobayashi and the drunken quest for a Coupon Daddy? (Coupon Daddy: An urban legend figure who gives away free coupons because he likes to see you happy.)

Remember how you never actually made it inside that magnificent, glowing gate? Well, now's your change for illuminated redemption: The Chinese Lantern Festival has extended its stay. It will reopen on November 1 and run nightly through January 6, so you'll finally get to see those seductive pandas and musical ants that everyone's been Instagramming.

And since Chihuly has extended its run, you'll now have two great places to take your out-of-town holiday guests. Tickets range from $14 to $19 and you can buy them here.

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