See The Walking Dead's Season 3 Kick-Off On The Big Screen, This Sunday

See The Walking Dead's Season 3 Kick-Off On The Big Screen, This Sunday

The odds are good that you watched The Walking Dead's season two finale -- more than 9 million people tuned in and saw Rick and Carl set that zombie barn to flambé. Now with Halloween lurking in your periphery, the show returns for season three this Sunday, October 14, and you can watch it on the big screen at either the Sundown at Granada or the Angelika.

The Angelika showed all of season two, and the debut episode was so popular that the undead overflowed into a second theater, which also capped out. So while it's free to attend Sunday's premiere, you'll want to be a smart little zombie and get your entry ticket early. Pick it up at the box office as early as 11 a.m. that morning. Doors open at 7 p.m. for the 8 o'clock screening and prizes will be awarded for best zombie make-up! It's all being put together by the USA Film Festival, Keith's Comics and the Angelika.

The Sundown at Granada is also showing the thing. Relax in rooftop safety (zombies can't climb) with a cocktail in hand, and watch as Rick decides what to do about the growing leadership disturbance and lack of gasoline. It's also a free screening and just to make it even easier on you, the Sundown is offering its Texas Happy Hour prices ($3 beers, $4 wells, $5 wine). What's that? Violent television makes you feel peckish? No problem, weirdo. They'll also have $4 tacos (veggie or brisket).

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