Sharing The Fun...And The Road

Runners and cyclists often argue about who truly belongs on the park and lake pathways. Many runners say that cyclists out to enjoy both casual and training rides should stick to the roads and leave the paths for pedestrians. And it's a fair argument. But if--like me--you've ever tried riding a bike in certain Dallas areas, you'll understand exactly why there are helmet laws. It can be flat-out (pun intended) life-threatening, not to mention intimidating, to attempt to share the road with drivers who just aren't aware of non-motorized transport. Bike Friendly Oak Cliff is a grassroots organization looking to change Dallas into a two-wheel-friendly city offering bikes a safer place on the road and, subsequently, runners a safer pathway. Beginning Friday, BFOC is hosting Cyclesomatic, a 10-day celebration of bikes and the people who ride them. Enjoy a group ride Friday, Bicycle Photo Scavenger Hunt with on Sunday, "Bikeoke" at Barbara's Pavillion on Monday, bike polo in Bishop Arts on Tuesday and Dallas Bikes to City Hall on Wednesday (with council members along for the ride, and an intro to Complete Streets projects and Dallas' new bicycle coordinator). Next week features a presentation by Councilwoman Angela Hunt, a screening of Triplets of Belleville, a swap meet and more (including fun for the kiddos). Cyclesomatic events will no doubt further endear bicycles to those who already ride them, and hopefully turn die-hard drivers into more compassionate ones...and hell, maybe convert a few to casual riders, even if only for a weekend here and there. For a complete schedule and location details, visit
Oct. 2-11, 2009
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Merritt Martin
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