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Shatner and The Texas Lottery Are Trying to Break the Record for Most Star Trek Fans in Costume

On Saturday at 10 a.m. at the Dallas Convention Center, the Texas Lottery is holding a Trekkie gathering. In honor of their new Star Trek scratch-off card, which could win you up to $50,000 human Earth dollars, the lottery HQ will attempt to set the Guinness World Record by "having the most people in Star Trek Costumes at one event." They need at least 1,064 Trekkies to be in costume, William Shatner will be there, and there are many steadfast guidelines.

The guidelines are so specific that we assumed questions were posed to entice such rules. I've added the possible questions that enacted the guidelines in italics:

Can I wear a Not Star Trek Costume to the Star Trek event?
1) All participants must be wearing costumes representing characters from the Star Trek universe and extended canon.

Can I wear my Halloween costume from 1978 of an LSD Cat?
2) Characters or alien races that have not appeared in official Star Trek canon releases (including television series, motion pictures, novels and comic books) are not permitted.

Can I just wear only my borg banana hammock?
3) To qualify, all costumes must be full, head-to-toe representations of the chosen character.

Can I take off my costume moments after realizing I've worn a Star Wars costume by mistake?
4) All participants must wear the costume for the entirety of the attempt.

I have to pee?
5) All participants must be in position simultaneously and remain so for a minimum of 10 minutes.

How will anyone know if my Captain Kirk underpants are 100% real?
6) A Star Trek expert must be present to attest to the authenticity of the costumes. Details of this individual's qualifications must be submitted as part of the evidence.

If I bleach my William Shatner mask and wear it with a Sasquatch costume bottom, will it bother anyone?
7) The eligibility of characters and the acceptability of costumes to be considered for the attempt remain at the discretion of Guinness World Records.

More info on the Star Trek Scratch Off Event is over on their Facebook. We, for one, would love Dallas to be the holder of this record--so let's get out there shall we? Wilonsky?

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