She'll Drag You To The Grave

When we last saw pomp drag superstar Sharon Needles, she was standing between that To Wong Fu knock-off, Phi Phi O'Hara, and the charming, Cher-conjuring Chad Michaels. Needles was poised in a see-through, skintight, floor-length, seaweed-green lace number with a giant brass guitar pick stuck to her forehead. Then RuPaul lowered a massive crown onto Needles’ Cruella Deville hairdo, and the world knew that everything had changed. Just like that. Those days of drag as a playground for the politely bitchy and overtly feminine are over. Needles is here, and that bitch wears tentacles on her fingers. It’s performance art at its finest, but make no mistake: Sharon Needles will grab you by the collar and drag you right back to her grave if given the opportunity. And Thursday, it could happen. Pittsburgh’s most unlikely superstar performs at Queen, a new drag show/dance party at It’ll Do. Watch Needles be fucking fabulous, but get there early. This thing will be packed. Tickets cost $15 at the door. Visit for more details. It’ll Do Dancing Club is at 4322 Elm St.
Thu., Aug. 30, 2012
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Jamie Laughlin
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