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Show Her You Care: Be The Han Solo to Her Leia

There's no doubt that by now you've either: A.) invested in an arsenal of cute & cuddly and/or chocolate-covered paraphernalia to lovingly smother your significant other with come Tuesday (yes, that's when Valentine's Day is in case you weren't aware) or

B.) are currently scrambling to find the most luxurious last minute gifts Wal-Greens has to offer in order to make your gift appear less "Wal-Greens-y."

So, you've got the gift mostly squared away, now what about a little quality time for the days surrounding Chocolate Greeting Card Giant Teddy Bear Day? If you and your better half are card carrying members of nerd culture, how about the dweebiest of dork dates, so you can truly let your nerd flags fly high and proud?

Try a double feature geek-out with the big screen rerelease of Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace and a visit to the DFW Sci-Fi Expo! It's a one, two punch of geek awesomeness so powerful it could even made the Kessel Run in less than ELEVEN parsecs.

The expo takes place Saturday and Sunday at the sandcrawler-esque Las Colinas Convention Center and promises the opportunity to meet such geek gods and goddesses as Buffy's Eliza Dushku, cast members from the cult TV series/movie Firefly/Serenity, a bevy of notable comic book artists such as James O'Barr - creator and artist of THE CROW - Mark Brooks - fan-favorite Marvel artist of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN - and more. But to really get in the mood for a pickup lightsaber duel with a bunch of dudes in the parking lot, stop by the megaplex on your way on to the Expo to check out the rerelease of George Lucas' fourth (first?) entry into the Star Wars saga - The Phantom Menace - new and "improved," now with retrofitted 3D and kung-fu grip on more of your money.

Sure, the third dimension may not be able to help Jake Lloyd's two dimensional acting as a future Darth Vader and, yes, it may make Jar Jar Binks even harder to ignore but meesa tinks there's no denying that both the pod race scene and the final space battle/showdown between Obi Wan, Qui-Gon Jinn, and Darth Maul will be worth it. Plus, don't you want to be able to wear your accomplishment as a badge of nerdy honor in that you can say you say all six 3D rereleases in the theater?

Of course, this is assuming that your significant other isn't down for a little cosplay sexy time, dressed in a Slave Leia or Nudebacca costume. In which case, I hope your Millennium Falcon has a back seat.

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