Shrieks And Freaks

Give me a good old-school horror movie over the super-scare tactics of today, and I'll gladly bring the popcorn. I like a good shock, a good jump in the seat as much as the next sucker, but I'm also a fan of that slight bit of kitsch that makes a horror movie something that you can laugh at a little and let go of when you go to sleep later. Take for instance Ju-On or its remake, The Grudge. There's a creepiness, and more specific, a drowned-looking demon thing I can't get past. But Charles Band's The Gingerdead Man starring Gary Busey? That's scary in a different way. That's weird, tragic and entertaining and therefore awesome. Kind of like anything by Argento or Hitchcock, Band (though in a much more home video/B-rated fashion) gives his audiences that humor -- a little wink, if you will. On Sunday, the last night of the third annual Charles Band's Full Moon Horror Road Show 2008 Tour, the puppets, creatures, film clips and surprise guests will descend upon the Lakewood Theater in a multi-media "horror-pallooza." The master of Puppet Master aims to thrill and chill Dallas horror lovers (and those who just want to point a little, mouths agape). Tickets are $20. Call 214-821-7469 or visit
Sun., June 22, 2008
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Merritt Martin
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