Single Tickets For Aida Go On Sale Today, And There's A Discount Code

If you love opera but prefer to shop it a la carte, listen up: Single tickets go on sale today for "Aida" -- so you'll want to snag yours fast, before the available seats thin out.

For the uninitiated, this is one of Verdi's most popular pieces, and like most operas, it tells the story of criss-crossed love. It's sheer opulence gives "Aida" an edge, causing it to be both a favorite for the genre's die hard fans and a good gateway performance for folks who are curious about opera as a whole.

Even the basic plot is sexy: a princess is held prisoner as her love battles to save her. Freedom leads to more traps, with Aida forced to choose between love, country and family. And of course, in the end lots of folks die. It's opera, after all.

Fun fact about "Aida": it's a production sometimes done with live elephants (I told you, it's a show-stopper.) Because of exactly that, the Winspear actually has "Elephant Doors" built into its frame. But like most modern offerings of "Aida," this show will not have a parade of live pachyderms. Elephant poop is still big, and no craftsman door is going to change that.

Get your single tickets here. Use promo code SAVE10 for ten percent off.

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