SNL's Vanessa Bayer (and Hopefully her Miley Cyrus) Will Be at the Addison Improv Wednesday

A Saturday Night Live cast member who Rolling Stone called the show's "secret weapon" is on the docket to do a one-night only show at the Addison Improv.

SNL's Vanessa Bayer will do a special show along with College Humor writer, performer and "Prank War" perpetrator/victim Streeter Seidell at 8 p.m. Wednesday, April 16th at the Addison Improv.

Karen Cunningham, talent coordinator for the Addison Improv, said Bayer is doing a series of live shows at colleges across the country but the Addison Improv will be one of the few comedy club stops on her and Seidell's tour. This will be the third time the Improv has had a current SNL cast member on their stage along with such familiar names as Jay Pharoah and Finesse Mitchell. She said the show will feature an evening of stand-up from both comedians along with a couple of impressions from the sketch show.

"God I hope she does a Miley Cyrus impression," Cunningham said.

Personally, I hope she brings the poetry teacher just because I'm so Miley-ed out at this point (not with Vanessa but with the actual Miley Cyrus).

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