Stephen King's New JFK Assassination Novel Is Sorta Exactly Like Quantum Leap Episode

Reading Stephen King's IMDB profile is like scrolling a Hollywood Greatest Hits & Misses list. The speed in which Hollywood is adapting these stories is nearly becoming a parody of itself, as if Hollywood is buying King's wild horror pitches straight from his mind. The Dark Tower series is already headed for TV, the big screen, iPads, Smell-O-Vision and cereal boxes at some point in 2012-2013, but the more recent news that's making ripples is his now-Jonathan-Demme-helmed JFK assassination movie-book.

A friend of Mixmaster tipped us off yesterday that King's to-be-released novel, entitled 11/22/63, is about a teacher who travels back in time to stop the John F. Kennedy from being shot.

Which, at this point, is when we ask: oh, hey dude, isn't that the exact plot from an episode of Quantum Leap?

Oh, OK, yeah it pretty much is. In 1992, Quantum Leap debuted an episode called "Lee Harvey Oswald," (a two parter) where, as IMDB puts it....

Sam finds himself leaping back and forth in assassin Lee Harvey Oswald's life while retaining part of his personality.

Don't take our (or IMDB's) word for it. The whole thing's on Hulu. All those years of King watching Scott Bakula's jump around must have leaked into his brain. Oh well, at least we still have this.

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