Stiff as a Board

Some people just aren't flexible. They have no balance, and they can't tell their right from their left. The suggestion of trying out yoga just makes them laugh. Now I'm not saying I'm one of those people (I am), but for those special types, the North Richland Hills Recreation Center has come up with a series of one-day programs to get things in check.

The series is designed for everyone in the family, right down to the scruffy dog. Yoga for beginners (Mastering the Basics) covers the hows, whats and whys of everything from warm-up to cool-down. Get the kids started early with a fun summer yoga camp, or grab a buddy and check out partners yoga, designed for people who don’t want to work alone. If you prefer friends of the four-legged variety instead, there's "Ruff" yoga—a workshop that helps build Fido's mind, body and spirit in sync with your own—assuming your dog is a little more coordinated than yourself. Mastering the Basics for first-timers is Saturday, Kids Yoga Camp runs Monday through June 23, Partners Yoga is June 24, and “Ruff” Yoga is on July 15 at the North Richland Hills Recreation Center, 6720 N.E. Loop 820. Call 817-427-6600 or visit
Sat., June 17

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Jennifer Medina