Stop Everything You're Doing and Look at the Dallas Zoo's New Baby Penguin

Do you know what a baby penguin looks like? I didn't until I saw the adorable news this morning on the Dallas Zoo's blog that the African black-footed penguin couple,Tazo and Tulip, are now the proud parents of a little chick. The animal kingdom is an "aww"-inspiring place this morning.

The baby, as of yet unnamed, was actually born April 15. Its parents, Tazo and Tulip, are on penguin maternity leave, taking care of the cuddle-inspiring chickadee off site right now, so don't rush off to the Zoo in hopes of seeing the little thing. And if you're one of those people who thinks animals in captivity is a bad thing, think about this: The birth of this little birdie adds to the worldwide population of less than 50,000 black-footed penguins. In this case, the Dallas Zoo, like many conservation programs at zoos around the world, is actually adding to the population, not subtracting. Now you can feel good about those oohs, awws and squeals only appropriate for the sighting of cute animals.

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