Stop What You're Doing and Watch this Charming Video from the Texas Theatre

This time last year, we were gushing over the Texas Theatre's Life Aquatic parody. The favorite theater of discerning Dallas filmlovers, this Oak Cliff den of entertainment created the adorable sweded film as a promo for its first 2nd annual art auction/ Susie Sue/ Animal Charity fundraiser - an event they decided to make a tradition.

(In case you're wondering, like we were, "Swede" is 'To re-create a trailer, scene, or movie with untrained actors and low-budget aesthetics,' according to Esquire.)

This year, the event is scheduled to take place January 23 with a screening of Tarsem's The Fall, a treasure of a film about a bedridden man who tells a young girl a fascinating adventure story. So, of course, the clever quartet behind the movie house made a charming little video, starring shapeshifting George Quartz as the bedridden man and themselves as the five men in the story that's told.

All of that is to say you should clear your evening Friday the 23rd and head to Oak Cliff. The screening includes an art auction themed around The Fall in the lobby before and afterwards. The art sale proceeds benefit Peace for Elephants, a charity that does exactly what you might guess. And DJ Sir Scott Mack will spin tunes for the after party.

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