Suds 'n' Studs


When you think of celebrity guests at fitness conventions you expect to see Olympic medalists or German-accented bodybuilders or (if you're really lucky) Richard Simmons. But the Fifth Annual NBC5 HealthFit Expo has booked a pair of soap opera actors. (Both are from NBC daytime dramas; the convention must have gotten the network discount.) It's doubtful that either Passions sexpot Liza Huber or Days of Our Lives heartthrob Kyle Lowder has any real health advice to share, but maybe they could give you the names of their personal trainers. Then again, maybe convention organizers figured that the people who most need to attend a fitness expo are the couch potatoes who actually watch these two "stars." But most likely any couch potatoes who bother showing up will quickly collect their autographs and scurry home to finish watching the week's episodes stored on their TiVo. The free expo is Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Dallas Convention Center, 650 S. Griffin St., Hall A. Visit --Jay Webb

Got Game

As tempted as we are to make jokes about the Dallas Fury, the city's first women's pro basketball team, we won't do it. Women's basketball gets a bad enough rap in American sports publications already, and the team isn't even part of the NBA-affiliated WNBA league, so the cards are stacked against our hometown champions of the six-team National Women's Basketball League (NWBL). But we're not withholding our jokes because of any sense of dignity. The problem is that we know how badly any member of the Dallas Fury would smoke our ass in a game of horse or one-on-one, and we'd rather not print anything that would land us in an embarrassing b-ball challenge. Catch the Dallas Fury's NWBL season opener against the Chicago Blaze on Saturday at Hebron High School, 4207 Plano Parkway, Carrollton, at 7 p.m. Tickets are $12 and under. Call 972-898-2872. --Sam Machkovech

Health Nut

There are two questions you will ask yourself upon leaving a Karon Karter book signing: "What have I done with my life?" and "When did I get so fat?" Karter, the epitome of "peppy," has an exercise show on ESPN2, a column in Fitness magazine, book deals with revered publishing houses (the woman probably writes chapters as she jogs every morning), teaches Pilates classes and is the author, most recently, of Pilates Lite and The Idiot's Guide to Body Ball Fitness, which was literary enough to win her the title of Dallas-area Author of the Month, as judged by Barnes & Noble. Karter will sign books at the Lincoln Park B&N location on January 15 at 2 p.m. The event's free and is located at 7700 W. Northwest Highway. Call 214-739-1124. --Paul Kix

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