Suggested Headlines for Stories About Klyde Warren Park Getting an Ice Rink

Over on our news blog, we reported today that the folks behind Kylde Warren Park -- the downtown "deck park" that's already cluttered by a stage, ping-ping, a dog run, foosball, a reading room, a playground, a track, some weird overhangs, food trucks and some other stuff I'm probably forgetting -- are planning to install a synthetic ice rink.

We went with a straightforward headline: "Yes, Klyde Warren Park May Get an Ice Rink." Here are the headlines I wanted to write:

- Dallas Already Bored With Klyde Warren Park, Plans to Cram in an Ice Rink

- Whew. For a Second There It Seemed Like They Wanted Us to Have a Picnic or Something.

- Fifty Bucks Says Dallas Will Raise a Billion Dollars and Get Gehry to Design the Ice Rink

- Hey, If They Throw in a Mini Rail Road Maybe They Don't Need the Grass At All

- Klyde Warren Park: Give Them Credit, They Left it Alone for a Whole Three Months

- When Does Something Stop Being a Park and Start Being an Outdoor Dick's Sporting Goods?

- Klyde Warren Park: Now With More Traffic and Debris Than the Freeway Beneath It

- It Sort of Seems Like That Little Klyde Warren Kid is Actually In Charge of This Park

- Klyde Warren Park to Add Ice Rink, Because Having a Park That Floats Magically Atop a Freeway Isn't Enough for Dallas

- What's Next, Go-Carts? Please Say It's Go-Carts.

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Joe Tone
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