Sulphur Springs Native Competes on The Voice

When Hannah Kirby finished "Gimme Shelter" in The Voice's battle round, her fate was in the hands of her coach, Blake Shelton.

If you've never seen The Voice, it's a singing competition show that strives to cut out the looks and glamour of being a musician and get to the root of it all -- the voice. That's why the audition process requires the coaches (not judges on this show) to have their backs to the singer, so the voice is the only thing on their minds.

That battle round wasn't for Kirby because Shelton chose her teammate/competitor instead of her. However, coach Pharrell Williams stole her for his team and she was given a second chance. She was then cut from his team and original coach Shelton store her back. This sequence is similar to Craig Wayne Boyd's time on the show. He went on to win under coach Shelton.

We chatted with Kirby, a Sulphur Springs native, via email about her time on The Voice.

Why did you choose to go on The Voice as opposed to American Idol, America's Got Talent, Rising Star, etc.? The Voice is a highly positive show. No one is put down or made fun of. Also, having the opportunity to be mentored by such highly accomplished coaches really appealed to me!

How much time are you actually spending with your coach? I've spent a good amount of time with Blake. He makes rehearsal feel so comfortable! He's an amazing mentor and working with him feels like working with an older brother!

What were you thinking when Pharrell stole you? I was incredibly happy to have the opportunity to continue on in the show. And to be able to work with Pharrell!!

How are Pharrell and Blake's coaching styles different? Pharrell is wise like a monk! More than anything I felt that his coaching style was focused on making sure the artist's true self shines through. Blake is actually very similar. He allows me to simply be me and I feel that he has an understanding of who I am. He lets me have my own ideas and then puts his ideas on top of it, making every song the best it can be!

What has the experience been like for you? It's been fun yet intense. I've grown as a person in that I'm stronger. I have more confidence that no matter what I go through, I won't lose my inner peace or who I am. And being the same person at the end of my run on the show as I was at the start is important to me.

What do you want to say to everyone watching back home? Texas, I love you! Thank you all for your overwhelming support. Huge thanks to my hometown of Sulphur Springs, to the DFW area where I was born, my home away from home, and to my university, Texas A&M Commerce, I love you all so much! I can't thank you enough.

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