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Take Lauren's Mini Virtual Tour of the Dallas Art Fair

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OHWOW Gallery's Nick Van Woert sculptures I fell victim to the bright colors in this Los Angeles gallery, especially artist Nick Van Woert's sculptures. Of course, it didn't hurt that they were directly across from the champagne bar.

c.nichols project's Warhol In addition to satisfying my art cravings, I met a great deal of lovely people during my laps around the Fair, including the owners of this Mar Vista, California gallery. Plus, Warhol.

Thomas Solomon Gallery's textual print It's predictable that textual art appeals to me, since I'm a writer and all. Throughout the day, I returned to the booth of this Los Angeles gallery, each time with a new guess of what had been marked out of the sentence.

RE Gallery's Eli Walker paintings This Dallas gallery presented its full roster of artists, including several paintings by Eli Walker, in which he used a gingham base to layer on rich colors and shapes that read like a trippy summer picnic.

Hexton Gallery's series of Eric Fischl paintings and sculptures The above painting was a stunning watercolor between two equally beautiful pigment prints that captured beautiful colors, shadows and the graceful animalism of the human body. As my friend Lee repeated, "Her bent knee. Damn it."

Galerie Frank Elbaz's Mungo Thomson mirrors This was a missed opportunity for a selfie inside an oversized Time magazine. But all the work in this Paris gallery was too captivating to spend any time looking at myself.

Galleri Urbane's Susan O'Mally textual art I've seen her work at the Dallas gallery before, but as evidence by the above choices, this piece perfectly blends my penchant for color and use of linguistics.

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