Tap, Tap, Tappin'

Roundabouts mid-March, everybody starts getting a little Irish in them. Most folks take this to mean they have the right to wear ridiculous hats, get drunk in the daytime and talk like the Lucky Charms guy. But not only do we have the right to do these things on St. Patrick's Day, we have the right to do them every day! It is the heavy-handed social order imposed upon us by the so-called establishment types that dictate our every move and monitor the freedoms that prevent us...maybe we got a bit carried away there. Perhaps the hat-wearing and the drinking and the Lucky Charmsing is merely the right of the unemployed and mentally unstable; could be why we're so good at it. Instead of confining your Irish tomfoolery to one day, why not expand it to five foot-tapping evenings of Riverdance? Go see one of the legendary dance troupe's farewell performances at Nokia Theatre this week, and you'll be able to jig around at St. Patty's events looking less like a fool and more like someone who knows how to cut a (green, Guinness-filled) rug. Riverdance (farewell!) performances are at 8 p.m. this Wednesday through Saturday, March 22, at Nokia Theatre, 1001 Performance Place in Grand Prairie (there's also a 5 p.m. Saturday matinee). Tickets are $15 to $65. Visit nokialivedfw.com.
March 19-22, 2008
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Andrea Grimes
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