Taste It

There are good songs, there are great songs and there is "Hey Jealousy," the ultimate anthem for slacker boyfriends, from the Gin Blossom's debut album New Miserable Experience. Only a loopy, cheery guitar riff and a propulsive guitar solo could make a line like, "Tomorrow we can drive around this town and let the cops chase us around," sound so appealing.

Every song off that terrific album jumps through the speaker, from the opening track ("Lost Horizons") to the closing tune ("You Can't Call It Cheatin'") to the wonderful stalker song—"Found Out About You," where the lead Blossom observes, rather candidly, that he's driving by his ex-girlfriend's house. "Your boyfriend's over, I watch your light go out." (I think we've all been there. No? Really? Um, me neither.) In a perfect world, there are no "whispers at the bus stop," and the Gin Blossoms would be as big as U2, or at least Train. In a slightly less perfect world, you can catch them along with the Go-Go’s, Hootie and the Blowfish and my new favorite band, the Fray, at Taste Addison 2006.

This weekend, let the cops chase you all the way to Taste Addison. The festival takes place at Addison Circle Park Friday through Sunday. Hootie headlines on Friday with the Gin Blossoms opening up for the Go-Go’s on Saturday. For a complete schedule, visit addisontexas.net.
May 12-14

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Matt Pulle
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