TEDxSMU Wants to Open Up the Idea Piñata that You Call a Brain

So, you've got a Big Idea. Is your patented 3D printing technology destined to create onsite dwellings for impoverished, war-torn regions? Will the planet become more sustainable due to your hybridized food crop? Did you build a robot that can chew bubblegum while umping a baseball game?

TEDxSMU wants to know.

The selection committee is searching for this year's lecture talent, and saving one slot for the winner of the summer audition competition.

If you've got the right stuff, submit an audition. They'll accept all world-changing mediums, from stories to songs and poems, as long as they're between three and six minutes long. Once all entries are reviewed (submissions close on May 29th), eight to ten talents will be chosen to duke it out, verbally, at the Kessler on June 20 from 6 to 9 p.m.

An audience vote then determines who will present at TEDxSMU 2013. Tickets for that intellectual mash-up cost $12.

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